our mission
To provide the safest most effective training techniques available to service our clients and athletes to reach their potential.   By using a progressive compound exercise model we are able to achieve results faster and more effective.

our process

Each INDIVIDUAL  goes through a Evaluation to determine where they currently are at physically and biomechanically.   Once this is complete we sit with the INDIVIDUAL TO  formulate a needs and wants  plan and goals that are resonably achieveable.   Our main objective is safe results.  THIS USUALLY TAKES 1 HOUR.

Our beliefs

We believe through a Faith in GOD and hard work that we can achieve a level of physical and emotional well being and overcome physical and mental obstacles that stand before us on the way to success.  Limitations will exist in everyone, but it is how they are managed and how one reacts to them that leads to a greater level of development.


We are very grateful for the opportunity to be of service to the 
                               athletes and adults we currently work with
                                       thanks for all your continued support
                                                        matt and kellyann harmon